A new, open, theatre company for those who live work and play in hammermith, fulham and west london.

Meet, (initally virtually) learn, and train with top theatre experts for free.

These are unprecedented times. But if you are interested in any aspect of theatre, this may be JUST the project we need to get us back on our feet again! If we can get crowdfunded with Spacehive you will be able to join us for free and create a new theatre production with expert training.
And if you are a community group in West London - choir, band, muscial group - come and perform with us too! Initially online - but then live at the final production!  And if you are a theatre professional suffering at the moment, please register with us and we might be able to offer you some online workshops.


We're crowdfunding a new concept in theatre, started by the award-winning Maverick Theatre Company.  A chance for ANYONE AND EVERYONE living, working or playing in Hammersmith & Fulham and West London to create and take part in a new theatre production, mentored by top professional talent.  But we want to expand to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinbugh and other areas.  Can you help us, please?

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